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macOS Keyboard Layouts

Custom keyboard layouts for input of Lao, Shan, Thai, and Tham scripts, based on the principles for the graphic transliteration of Brahmi-derived writing systems. The zipped package for each script includes both the .keylayout and .icns files. To install, place the unzipped files in the "Keyboard Layouts" folder in your user library (normally hidden), restart your Mac, and then add your chosen keyboards via the "Input Sources" pane of Keyboard preferences (click on the "+" symbol and scroll down to "Others" to find the newly installed layout, then click to add to your input source menu).

Custom keyboard layout for inputting the complex Roman-script diacritics required for the transliteration of various Southeast Asian scripts (see transliteration tables below).

Transliteration Tables

For a draft unified transliteration system for Khmer (both jrieṅ and mūl), Tai (including Khom [Khom Thai], modern Thai [Siamese], modern Lao, Tham Lanna, Tham Khün, New Tai Lü [Dai Lue], and Shan) and Burmese scripts, see below:

Trent Walker – 8 Aug 2020 – Draft of Khmer-Tai Unified Transliteration System.pdf